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Playmaker 1.1 Coming in April!
« on: March 29, 2011, 12:07:05 AM »

Hutong Games is happy to announce that Playmaker 1.1 will be released in early April.

Here's a rundown of the crazy amount of upcoming Playmaker 1.1 goodness:

New Features

    * Full support for iTween, including live path editing. Huge thanks to Marek Ledvina for his great work on these and other actions!
    * iTween Actions are only possible because of the excellent iTween library by Bob Berkebile (pixelplacement). You can support iTween here.
    * PlayMakerGUI component. Central manager for OnGUI calls. OnGUI was simply too expensive (especially on mobile devices). This approach doubles the frame rate with lots of objects!
    * NOTE: You now must have a PlayMakerGUI component in the scene to see OnGUI actions, state labels and iTween gizmos!
    * Preview OnGUI actions at edit time! Finally you can tweak GUI controls without running the game!
    * Copy/Paste Fsm. Quickly copy FSMs onto new objects.
    * Add Template. Quickly add a whole FSM template to selected objects.
    * Search field in Action Browser.

Bug Fixes

    * Fixed: MovieTexture actions would cause compile errors on Android platform.
    * Fixed: Variables were not added to target FSMs with Copy/Paste and Templates.
    * Fixed: String, Color, and Vector3 variables were missing from Copy/Paste/Templates.
    * Fixed: FSM selection drop down could appear empty if play mode changed while Playmaker was in a hidden tab.
    * Fixed: Play Animation action Finish Event wouldn't fire if loop mode set to Once.
    * Fixed: Audio Play action finish event.


    * Editor selection and scene selection kept in sync unless Lock is checked.
    * Add Fsm To Selected now works on multiple selected objects.
    * Undo/Redo Add Fsm To Selected.
    * Separated custom events from system events in the UI to make them easier to find.
    * Removed debug info from BroadcastEvent action.
    * Added preference to not error check for components. Useful if you tend to add components at runtime.
    * Added Component parameter to EnableBehavior, so you can drag and drop a component onto the action.
    * Added Layer Mask to Explosion, MousePick, MousePickEvent, and Raycast actions.
    * Added Material Index to material actions, so that you can target any material on an object.
    * Moved Release Notes to About Box.

New Actions

    * Animate Variables
          o Animate Color
          o Animate Vector3
          o Curve Color
          o Curve Float
          o Curve Vector3
          o Ease Color
          o Ease Float
          o Ease Vector3
    * Camera
          o Get Main Camera
          o Screen To World Point
          o World To Screen Point
   * Convert
          o Convert Vector3 To String
   * Device
          o Device Orientation Event
          o Get Device Acceleration
          o Get Device Roll
          o Get iPhone Settings
          o Get Location Info
          o Get Touch Count
          o Get Touch Info
          o Project Location To Map
          o Start Location Service Updates
          o Stop Location Service Updates
          o Swipe Gesture Event
          o Touch Event    
   * Game Object
          o Add Component
          o Destroy Component
          o Get Layer
          o Get Owner
          o Has Component
    * Input
          o Screen Pick
   * iTween
          o iTween Look From
          o iTween Look To
          o iTween Look Update
          o iTween Move Add
          o iTween Move By
          o iTween Move From
          o iTween Move To
          o iTween Move Update
          o iTween Pause
          o iTween Punch Position
          o iTween Punch Rotation
          o iTween Punch Scale
          o iTween Resume
          o iTween Rotate Add
          o iTween Rotate By
          o iTween Rotate From
          o iTween Rotate To
          o iTween Rotate Update
          o iTween Scale Add
          o iTween Scale By
          o iTween Scale From
          o iTween Scale To
          o iTween Scale Update
          o iTween Shake Position
          o iTween Shake Rotation
          o iTween Shake Scale
          o iTween Stop
   * PlayerPrefs
          o Player Prefs Delete All
          o Player Prefs Delete Key
          o Player Prefs Get Float
          o Player Prefs Get Int
          o Player Prefs Get String
          o Player Prefs Has Key
          o Player Prefs Set Float
          o Player Prefs Set Int
          o Player Prefs Set String
    * Vector3
          o Vector3 High Pass Filter
          o Vector3 Low Pass Filter
          o Vector3 Normalize

New Samples

    * Device
          o GetDeviceRoll
          o GetLocationInfo
          o RollBall
          o ShakeTest
          o SwipeGestureEvent
          o TouchCount
          o TouchEvents
          o TouchInfoTest
    * GUI
          o RotateGUI

There's some great stuff coming your way!  
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Re: Playmaker 1.1 Coming in April!
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2011, 01:33:18 PM »
1.1 has been submitted to the asset store - pending review by Unity!