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Mouse Look and set position
« on: February 10, 2016, 09:28:47 AM »
Hi forum,

I am currently using a camera that is focused on a still position when the game starts. What I have on it is a camera movement and mouse look to give it a first person feel. My issue is this:

When I start the game, I have the components for the scripts and the FSM's disabled, which I want because I want the camera to be still. Then, on a key press, it activates these components to give you control of the camera to be able to move around the scene. I am recording the scene as still and then the key press will cause the scene to come alive, and give me access to move as I record this live scene.

I was hoping for it to be a seamless transition but instead, what is happening is the camera is reseting its rotations to 0 from the rotations I have set up when the scene starts. I have tried using set rotation but I think that mouse look is overriding it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.