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Arraymaker or not?
« on: February 18, 2016, 07:21:42 AM »

i wanted to ask if anybody knows the best way, how to make several GameoObjects visible after klicking on a Button and dragging it over a Collider.

The Ugui Element sets a bool on true since I clicked it and if I release (Mouse Pointer up) it over a specific Collider the first GameObject should be set to active.
Now i dont wanna do this with 20 Gameobjects with "set property" to "active".

I created an int and everytime i drop something over the Collider the int adds 1.

Whats the best way to unhide the GOs everytime?
I could make a tree with checking the intvalue everytime and then...?
Would you suggest Arraymaker?

Greetz :)
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