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'Arachnophobia' - Top Down Survival Shooter for Android
« on: March 14, 2016, 07:00:56 PM »
Hi all,

I am currently putting together a simple top down dual stick shooter for Android, that I am calling 'Arachnophobia', as the main enemies are spiders.

I think publishing will be a great opportunity to learn more about all that comes with it and I think the game has turned out pretty fun for now- so it wouldnt be a crime against gaming or anything to have it published lol...

Then again that is probably just me being biased, on that note I would love some feedback at least on the video below.

All has been made using free graphics, sfx, music and animations from unity asset store.

I used a few basic scripts, mainly for controls (input & movement) and loads of PlayMaker; for menus, level/game managers, gui, accessing and modifying the scripts on the fly, pickups, certain character/enemy behaviour etc..

Here is a video of the game in action:


(and a better quality video of an older build:

I will make a playable android demo on Dropbox soon and will post it here for your inspection. I would love some feedback on the video in the meanwhile, good or bad lol...

Thank you very much to all for viewing.  ;D
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Re: 'Arachnophobia' - Top Down Survival Shooter for Android
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2016, 08:41:16 PM »
Well just thought I would update all my silent fans lol.

So far the game is going well. The last video is very high paced compared to the current version. I have toned down most player specs and have created a basic upgrade system.

Also I have made a coin system which allows the user to buy upgrades.

So far I have 3 upgradable stats (gun damage, max health and movement speed), so far these work in all situations I have tested, across 2 different levels :D .

I have also implemented a reward system, which gives the user medals and large coin sums for certain achievements. These also work across 2 levels.

My level select (and view high score at the same time) menu is working (across 2 levels).

Besides that, my melee and grenade system is working across 2 levels.

A gameplay video showcasing the latest updates:
Everything, since the original bit of c#, that was used for movement, has been done in playmaker and easySave2 for saving highscores, coin counts and other bits or bobs.

Things to come next:

-12 upgradable stats in total, consisting of 3 stats across 4 groups: player, gun, melee and grenade (I am currently working on the menu, next I will make the choices from the menu load in the levels). A preview video of the upgrade system to come:
Overall the plan is to implement the 12 stat upgrades across the current 2 test levels. So far all player upgrades work, but only one gun upgrade and none of the rest.

After this is setup I can concetrate on the really hard stuff,  like adverts and in-app purchases (the stuff that really scares the hell out of me). But for in-app purchases Im hoping to keep it simple by limiting the selection to a few coin packs which are used to buy upgrades. Coins will also be awarded for acheivements and dropped randomly (rarely) by enemies, but this is already working.

Once all that is done I can get back to building more levels, I miss that part lol...

Lateley ive been slowed down by real life getting in the way (real job and stuff lol), but now I have a major chunk finished- I felt like I would update this dead thread.

As always thank you all for any feedback or advice, especially relating to ads and IAP for android.

If anyone is interested enough to try a demo please pm or reply here and I will pm a dropbox link to you. Only because I feel too unready to just put it out into the open world wide Web through a forum post for now...
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Re: 'Arachnophobia' - Top Down Survival Shooter for Android
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2016, 11:58:13 PM »
Its off to a good start.

There are unity ad playmaker actions.  One direction you could take, is to offer free in app purchase power ups.  Say after every 2 deaths play a unity ad.  After X videos offer 1 free token, that is redeemable for a free power up (of the developers choosing)

Or after a player has died X number of times and only killed a small number of X monsters, then offer that power up sooner to help keep the player from being frustrated and quitting.


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Re: 'Arachnophobia' - Top Down Survival Shooter for Android
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2016, 07:20:19 AM »

Thank you very much for looking and I'm glad you like what you see so far.

That is a great idea for advert based rewards, I wonder if android play store terms and conditions allows ads to be used like that, I'll have to investigate.

So far I have just set up an ad (using unity ads, as you recommended) to come up every 6 game overs and if the player idles for too long (55 seconds) įn the menus. Was nowhere near as scary as I thought :D  .

Also the only other progress has been implementing the entire full upgrade system across both test levels. It all works :)  .

I've been swamped with other stuff that means I cannot concentrate on this project :(  . I've even began a casual project which doesn't require as much concentration to develop(edit to add 2: I just recently published this little project I was working on, it is available on android via this link: , because at the end of a long hard day at work, I want to work on the game but I don't trust my mental capacity to create elegant and useful FSMs that work well with the rest of my main game, as it is growing to be complex now.

Thank you very much for looking and for the feedback. I hope to start working on actual coin in app purchases now that the upgrades and ads work.

Edit to add: yay! This is my hundredth post on these forums!! I'm now officially a full member WooHoo!!
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