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input fields loose focus

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I am using Playmaker 1.8 on OSX and Unity3D 5.3
When creating events or variables (or some other action) and I want to type
something the input field looses focus. If this happens I can only type 1 letter at the time.
This *bug doesn't always happen.
Is this something known? Or perhaps it is some setting at my end?

This has happened to me as well with PM 1.8 and Unity 5.3- I thought it was an issue with my PC- it usually happens when I'm naming an FSM or a state- and it loses focus after one character and I have to re-click the field to continue typing-

Yeah, it is really annoying because when I start typing and not paying attention I press all kind of shortcuts in Unity.. Then I have no idea why something is hidden or disabled for example :-(

I have experienced this problem too, with Unity 5.3.4p1 and Playmaker I load up a scene, go into an FSM, click a state name box to rename that state, it types the first letter, then defocuses that box so then I am pressing a bunch of shortcut keys in Unity. Obnoxious and rather new.

Just came to post this! First time I'm encountering this. I just created a new state, I'm trying to rename the state but every time I'm pressing a new button the state get's deselected.

Playmaker 1.8 Beta & Unity 5.3.5.
If I remember correctly, didn't had this problem on 5.3.4.


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