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input fields loose focus

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got the same issue happening here on Playmaker 19.0 on Unity 2019.2.6f1 Thanks for the tip on closing the Globals Vars ;)

Hi there,  I just wanted to report that I still get this issue (I'm on 2019.2.17f1 Personal). I read this thread and found the workaround of closing the global variables window fixed it for me too! (thanks for that info)

ps Am obsessed with playmaker and how powerful it is. Awesome stuff.

Thanks for the solution closing the globals window did the trick ;)
Possibly make this tread a sticky for those searching for an answer?

2018.4.20. Playmaker 1.9.0. Same issue. Closing global vars does solve it, but it is very inconvenient to constantly open and close them. Cause I do use globals a lot.


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