Author Topic: Error U5.3, PM1.8.1 - PlayMakerGlobals does not exist in the current context  (Read 932 times)


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Up until today I was with PM1.8.0 beta. Today I downloaded the new (1.8.1) version and ran update checker. But after it warned that this version now includes a lot of the actions I downloaded from the site/ecosystem i decided to full wipe everything Playmaker and install it afresh. (if i remember correctly after 1.8.1 import the welcome screen no longer worked correctly - it showed only the border of the window without any content).

After a full wipe and clean import of Playmaker the installation dropdown menu doesn't show and i got error - Assets/PlayMaker/Editor/PlayMakerEditorStartup.cs(22,13): error CS0103: The name `PlayMakerGlobals' does not exist in the current context

BTW if I comment line 22 in PlayMakerEditorStartup.cs the dropdown menu/welcome screen shows.

Is there any fix for this problem? And is it ok to install using the workaround?

Alex Chouls

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I suspect you still have Playmaker defines in your project.
Delete those and the 1.8.1 installer should compile.
Your workaround is also fine.