Author Topic: Camera Fade In does not work & Sectr Load/Unload happens strangely  (Read 809 times)


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Hey there!

I always used something like this:

And somehow it worked. The game started with a Fade In ... & Everything was Paused. I'm trying to do the same however the fade in does not work. I even opened an older project that I knew for sure it had a fade in & pause and also, that one didn't worked. Somehow it ignred the "Get Key Down and it automatically executed the Send Event... but this is an older project maybe I forgot something.

So, how do I start the game "Paused" & with a Camera Fade In?


I'm using Sectr:!/content/15356

Sectr has a LOAD action where I can Load/Unload a chunk of a scene. I have a state machine like this:

I have no idea why but the "Loading of the Interior" happens when I go from Wait to Close Blast Door when it should have happened at Open Interior Door. It's not a huge thing but I find it strage.

Is there a way to execute a State before everything else? I'm trying to load my "Exterior" but the problem is that I can see the exterior pop-in. This is the reason why I wanted that Camera Fade In so I can mask the pop-in.

Thank You
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Re: Camera Fade In does not work & Sectr Load/Unload happens strangely
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I don't have "Sectr" but maybe you can try to load in "exterior" deactivated and activate it after?