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Getting errors after update

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Cant see the playmaker menu at the top anymore, and it added new things like PlayMaker Utils,PlayMaker uGui, PlayMaker Custom Actions, and Have no clue what they are. Getting errors such as... Assets/PlayMaker Utils/Wizards/PlayMakerEventProxy/Editor/PlayMakerEventProxyCreatorWizard.cs(42,61): error CS0117: `EventType' does not contain a definition for `MouseMove'

That I didnt have before. What is going on??

Alex Chouls:
None of those folders should be part of the main Playmaker install, so they shouldn't be added when updating Playmaker. They were most likely added when you imported an add-on. Maybe you're only aware of them now because of the error? Any error in an editor script can cause other editor scripts (like the Playmaker editor) to not get compiled (so it doesn't appear in the menu).

I believe Jean will need to look into the PlayMakerEventProxyCreatorWizard error since he maintains that add-on. My guess, from the error, is that you imported another script that re-defines EventType in the global namespace overriding UnityEngine.EventType. Have you imported any other editor extensions recently?

If you're not using the Event Proxy Creator Wizard you could try deleting that file as a workaround for now.


 That's odd. I tried on 5.3 and 5.4 but this line doesn't cause any trouble.

 Which version of Unity are you using?

As Alex mentionned, none of this is part of PlayMaker asset package you downloaded from the Unity Asset store, so it was installed either from the wiki, the forum or the Ecosystem, or else it was already there in your project before you upgraded Unity.

Can you paste the first error you get in the Unity console, as well as the last error. Something else is playing funny which causes a chain reaction for other scripts to loose it.



I'm using Unity version 5.3.5f1 personal

Another error -

Assets/PlayMaker/Editor/PlayMakerMainMenu.cs(19,17): error CS0103: The name `FsmEditorWindow' does not exist in the current context


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