Author Topic: Request!! A match 3 tutorial  (Read 6130 times)


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Re: Request!! A match 3 tutorial
« Reply #15 on: November 29, 2016, 04:59:08 PM »

 no no, you were clear :) I just passed on what I have today so you can start anyway while a tutorial is made for this.

This example only needs you to click to randomly pick a color, then the routine checks all rows, columns and diagonal to check if there is a match in color. Of course , the gameplay will likely have a different way to show and distribute colors across the board, but here the interesting part is how to check the board for a match.

This samples shows you how to use iteration, then you extrapolate for your own gameplay to check for matches, but the basic routine is there. So meanwhile I think this is a good start for you to digg. Put a breakpoint and go over the process step by step, you'll learn a lot like that already.



Oh ok i will keep on delving into the example then. Thanks for your help.