Author Topic: Crazylabs offering $3k-$25k for Prototypes which pass CTR test  (Read 91 times)


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Crazylabs offering $3k-$25k for Prototypes which pass CTR test
« on: October 06, 2020, 01:14:49 AM »
Hello !
Reason for Posting Here : I personally noticed fair number of Hyper casual dev started to use Playmaker and few other switched from another expensive no-code engine. I hope guys, this will help you.

One of the leading Hyper casual games publisher offering rewards for the Prototypes which pass their CTR test.

Hey All,  as you may already know, yesterday we launched our new CLIK Dashboard. You can test your games, get full transparent data and receive feedback from our publishing team on your videos and concepts, so you can improve it, and hopefully pass and publish your games.

Any game that passes our CTR test by November 5th, 2020, will be rewarded $3,000 per game.
Developers who pass with a high score will be rewarded $25,000 per game.
Apply here:

Read More :

Deadline : November 5th 2020

Pass CTR test with Below $0.3 CPC or 3% CTR to get $3000 single payment

Pass with a high score of 0.15$ CPC and/or 4.5% CTR and get $25,000.

You can apply here :

Their Discord :

Thanks  :)
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