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XML thoughts...
« on: April 27, 2017, 03:31:48 AM »
I'm working on a new project and start doing a flow diagram for the program. Last night I was thinking about database and upgrades and I'm not sure which "way" is better.

The basic:
Several levels with several XMLs (e.g. xml for object to upgrade, another for products specifications, level specifications, descriptions, text,...)

1. Method:
XMLs with variable (search clauses).
e.g get information where the level variable is 10 in each XML

2. Method: (don't know if it works):
One XML with the level and all needed XMLs names (1-language.xml, 1-description.xml,... ). Then load all the specific XMLs by using these variables
(Maybe it's possible only using the Level Nr. e.g. 1 -> add the file name -> 1-language.xml, 1-description.xml,...)

Why these complicate thoughts?
I want to have some levels within a specific time periods (Christmas level, Eastern level,…) or specific player locations. When I make a database upgrade, I’m afraid that I accidently make a mistake with an existing level. Also I have to update the complete database (all XMLs) with the 1st Method. With the 2nd one I just need to check the one xml, if there is a difference upload it and add the missing XMLs file.

Do I make/think it to complicate or is there another ways / suggestion / problems to think about it? (Is the 2nd way possible?)

Thx a lot for your thoughts