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Shooter game :)
« on: July 09, 2019, 01:19:20 PM »
Hi all,
 I'd like to introduce my prototype of a shoot 'em up game. Here you are a soldier and you can enter to enemy vehicles or aliens. I have only few units and graphics is obviously prototype ;)
Here is link to download a zip, where you find clean Unity build, so you can try it.

And here small maunal in PDF, to be more informated about the game.
In general is it classic shoot 'em up but you can flight or be as ground unit as well.

Saving is working and I use Easy Save for it, otherwise is only Playmaker. Its really cool and powerfull tool especially with this nice comunity ;) so thanks to you all.

I'll be happy to all possible feedbacks, or in general if it's worth spending time on it :)