Author Topic: Setting the Particle emissionRate on iOS is not working [SOLVED]  (Read 365 times)


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Playmaker Linker Wizard to the rescue.  OMG!


I'm using Unity 5.6.1f1 along with Playmaker 1.8.4 and my final build of the game is on iOS.

I've recently encountered a problem that I can't adjust the emissionRate on a particle system in the iOS build.  In the past I've generally kept the emissionRate to 0 and then animated it to xx amount and then eased it back to 0 over time. 

This works in the editor view just fine but when I build to iOS nothing happens at all.  The emissionRate remains at 0.

On looking around the emissionRate is obsolete so maybe that's the problem.  I've been dragging the system in and using Set Property > emissionRate.  Again this is working fine in the editor but runtime on the iOS it isn't.

Any advice would be awesome.


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