Author Topic: how to trigger a "blurred animated camera" and Ipad Control ?  (Read 1193 times)


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Hi playmaker fellows.

Im in love with playmaker and im doing my masters project on interactivity . Im using unity as my main game engine and Im also using a variety of plugins to achieve/experiment a lot of possibilities throughout my game design project.

this post is to ask two questions:

ONE: how can I create a trigger that generates a blurred camera from my character's point of view  ( first person control) . let me put this way . imagine you were you beaten up and you wake up in strange place and you are wake up and  cant quite see things properly. you look to the right and to  left ( everything is blurred) . so you get up and the game starts and the player can start controlling the character.

Second Question:

As this is an Ipad game, is there any simple tutorial/way to use the touch screen to make the charcter walk .. (even if using the dual joystick from the mobile standard assets from unity based on playmaker workflow) .
i need something more complex but a dual joystick would ot it .. im going to trow the question anyway. my GUI has just one button..As the player touches the button  it trigger the character to walk  . As the player tilts/move the device , it changes the  character direction ( as the player moves the Ipad left the character goes left or as the player moves the ipad  right the characters moves right ). if the players stop touching the "on screen" button the character stops walking.

it may look quite complex but it's not. it's there a similar tutorial that I can follow that it might help me in anyway to  understand the process of doing that ?

Cheers  :)

Alex Chouls

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Re: how to trigger a "blurred animated camera" and Ipad Control ?
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2012, 10:26:32 AM »
Glad you like Playmaker!  ;D

For the blurred camera, you can use the Set Property action to manipulate an Image Effect.

Drag the Image Effect component into the Target Object Field then select the property you want to change.

For example, you could use Animate Float or Float Interpolate to Set the Blur Radius over time...

We're also in the process of uploading a series of tutorial videos for iOS: