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Text to Speech actions (Windows only)
« on: June 02, 2012, 03:36:03 AM »

I've been playing with ZJP's (from the unity forums) script and dll for text to speech and I asked him if I could implement it in Playmaker to which he kindly replyed yes... so here it is...

first you need to drop the dll in your system folder (win32) or SysWOW64 (win64) and drop the actions into Playmaker's action folder and

You will find the actions in a new category named text to speech.

A few warnings.... these might crash unity...especially if you're runnning vista... make sure that you don't set the voice to an index that it's not present... let's say you have 2 voices installed, don't set the voice number to 2 or higher... the index starts at 0, and 0 is the default voice.... some voices altough they'll show will make unity crash (the cepstral trial ones crash)

(voices that work for me, Loquendo, Microsoft... only tried these)

I didn't implement all the methods of the dll, but if you open the actions you will be able to see all the available can then implement them and even improve this set of actions... since this is my first attempt at this....

Let me know how you get on...

Good Luck!