Author Topic: Random Weighted Float with interaction and lock value option? [SOLVED]  (Read 815 times)


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Hi guys, would someone have the knowledge to make an action that would have the possibility of locking the weight of the value, but not only that, to affect all other values so the complete weight sum is 1, the way it should actually be. I don't get how the current action works.

A simple example of values that interract:

I have two float values, each set to 0.5. When i start dragging the slider of one up, the value of another one goes down, so the sum stays 1. If i dragged the first one to 0.7, other one will go to 0.3.

Another example:

I have 3 float values, first is set to 0.2, and another two to 0.4. I want to change to values of the other two, but i don't want the first one to move from 0.2. So i click a small check box beneath it which says "lock" and adjust the other two values. So, i reduce the value of the second one to 0.2 also, and the third one only changes by increasing to 0.6.

What do you think?

Well, with some spreadsheets and testing, i finally figured out how weighted randoms work, great stuff. Now i see how stupid my question was.
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