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Wrap around World 2D
« on: March 07, 2018, 04:21:53 AM »

I am making a 2d top down arcade shooter.
Right now everything is set up around a circle, so the player is moving around it to take down enemies.

This setup looks cool but game design wise this creates more problems for me than it is worth.

Now I want to switch to a horizontal layout so I can use a more traditional approach. I want the level, enemies, player, and bullets to be in a wrap-around world. so that if the player keeps moving right he will return to the start point.
(A game that uses this "aqua kitty")

My question now is how do I approach this?
Do I move the player or the background including the enemies and bullets?
How do I achieve this effect?

I already tried with only a background. I used the current position of an object. If it reaches a certain distance to the right or left. The background piece is placed at a specific coordinate on the opposite side. But this doesn't work well so far either. If I keep moving a small gap starts to grow. I think this is because of the fsm script delay? (the fsm checks own position and if over limit, place at the set position.)

I hope that I explained this good enough.
Any help suggestions would be welcome.