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Help with flying camera controller
« on: October 11, 2018, 05:31:22 AM »
Hi, I am new here.
And after trying Bolt (I got lost in the programmer's jargon) for a while and not succeeding and now playmaker, I feel like a can actually achieve some programming in this visual/logic way, so thnx for making this come true.

For an artwork I'm making I'm looking for the following:
-To use the camera(=1st person player suspended mid-air) in 3 dimensions free moving/flying.
-The main direction should come from "mouselook" so I could steer up and down by looking. Pressing "w" should make it go forward.

For a few hours, I am searching the site and found a spaceship package which was no longer downloadable(well yeah 2013) and a mention of a Helicopter controller I could also not find. Most tutorials on youtube are to complex for what I need and the mouse follow movement I could not figure out.
I hope you can help!

If you like to see a pre-release material:

Thanks a lot!

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