Author Topic: Adventure Battle Boy (Topdown Adventure game in development!)  (Read 2859 times)


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Hey yall! I have been working on a small top down adventure game for the last six months using ONLY Playermaker and I finally have a short playable demo! The game is adventure and combat based with a few puzzles here and there. I took inspiration heavily from the original Zelda for nes and Dark Souls as far as the combat. And remember this is just a short demo set in the very beginning of the game, the full game will have a lot more adventuring to do! I made this demo to get feedback on the general feel for the game, would you play more? what did you like/dislike? was anything terribly confusing? Please let me know, all feedback welcome!


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Re: Adventure Battle Boy (Topdown Adventure game in development!)
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Hi, you can also post your demo at our (unofficial) playmaker slack chat channel. Lots of good people there daily. We also have a section specifically for game test and feedback now open. :