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First Horror Cartoony Beat' em Up | BruTAL Playmaker
« on: July 04, 2018, 12:29:41 AM »
Hello everyone! First of all, thank you very much for all the posts and helpful messages with actions and incredible things. Also, i'm not the best talking english but i try to do my best "hopefully"  ::)

Playmaker helped me so much in development, i started with Blender since 10 years so you could imagine the experience with this awesome tool.

I present to you my masterpiece, The Eerie Adventures Of Kally !


I made this as my last trip to make a good game, inspired on revive an old game from Xbox "Grabbed By The Ghoulies" and on cartoon shows as "Billy and Mandy".
This was an amazing game to make, funny and with a coop mode!

It mixes old school Beat' em up with RogueLite elements, also uses jumpscares and walk simulations!

Here's one of a lot of gameplays:
The game uses Playmaker as well and creates a living experience with any thing in the game "Yep, any element in the game is programmed with Playmaker, even a simple particle"

The composers did a beautiful job with the soundtracks and we are proud of the results, this day 7 i release the game for everyone with an important update.



Some of the best soundtracks i heard in games, are inside my own game, it still unbelievable!

Do not hear those people, that say playmaker isn't for a giant game, this game is the result of love and hard work with playmaker , of course, there's somethings you should program and do by yourself.

Hopefully, i get my dream goals with the game, a good tip for everyone is that, you really should learn a lot and hard, don't hear people that believe something is imposible because they believe that.

Go on, believe in yourself, and work in your dreams, one big hug!  :D