Author Topic: Anyone have any experience with MapNav 2 or Turn Based Strategy Framework?  (Read 1042 times)


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I've been having the itch to try my hand at a turn based tactics game and came across these two assets during my searches. I ended up buying the Turn Based Strategy Framework asset (and I've even emailed the dev back and forth of some stuff) but after taking a look at MapNav 2 that seems more like what I've been having my eye on due to its wider array of map features. I'd get it, but I don't think there's any PlayMaker actions for it and the dev said that its really meant for coders meaning I might be wrestling with it for longer than I plan to.

I don't know, was wondering if anyone else has messed with them at all. I'm mostly looking for something that can deal with pathing and setting up the grid/nodes (which both seem to do) but I also want one that can make multiple levels, height based nodes and the like. Closer to something like Final Fantasy Tactics or XCOM's maps.

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I have not tried these extensions but if one of them uses a lot of components on gameObjects, in theory wouldn't it be possible to access their functions in FSMs with the Call Method action for example? It reveals a lot of stuff usually. At least any method that could be publicly accessed by code.


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I've messed with the Turn Based Strategy Framework a bit and i'll probably use it.  However, I am working on a different project, but this should help you get started making custom actions in playmaker.

The first image shows you how to interact with the board, the second allows you pull variables from the units.