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Playmaker Native Tweening Actions


I'm working on a Nintendo Switch title. iTween is not working reliably for me. DoTween works great on PC, but either DoTween or the DoTween PM Actions don't work on Switch. I was about to write some actions for GoKit, but I saw that Native Tween Actions are planned for Playmaker.

I was wondering if I could possible get a copy of the new Native Tween Actions to test on Switch.

A couple of options iTween had that I used often were:

1. LateUpdate option. Some DoTween Actions didn't have this option.
2. iTween Move Update Action. This was very hand for having a camera follow a character.

I'm using Unity 2017.4.7f1 LTS, and the latest Playmaker without patches.


 You should apply for beta testing, then you can access the current beta which includes the native tweening actions ( they are really cool btw!)

 pm me and mention your gmail email, and we'll add you to the beta.




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