Author Topic: how to choose correct set of actions for implementing a functionality?  (Read 663 times)


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I am working with Playmaker for two months. Now I want to develop a very simple game which has some game objects with predefined states and functions. The problem is that I do not know for each function which actions should be used in a state.
for example, I need to get some text information from the player, evaluate it by some conditions and based on the evaluation result, consider some rewards to the player and show the final result to him. could anyone lead me in this regard? ( how to implement these functions with Playmaker actions?)
any game samples which works with Menus and Text files would help me a lot.


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Re: how to choose correct set of actions for implementing a functionality?
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2018, 01:02:42 AM »

 yes, the problem is the same with a regular c# api, you need to gain experience in order to know what exists and usual patterns to solve a given type of problem.

 So, you need to look at as much videos as you can on PlayMaker, to just get an idea of what's being used.

also, if you know the kind of api you want to use, you can search the Ecosystem using keywords, it will search the entire scripts for actions. that's a good way to find what could be the right action for you.

- where is the information of your player stored?
- to compare string, use StringCompare action or StringContains.

Maybe you need to cut down the problem, and first learn how to create UI and show your content in it, and then move deeper and take real content from your gameplay.