Author Topic: Nested prefabs variants with playmaker continually reimporting[SOLVED]  (Read 169 times)


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Hello - I have a situation that is a tad difficult to explain.  We are using Unity 18.3.6f, playmaker v1.9.0

We have a situation where we have a fairly deeply nest set of prefab variants:


each of these are prefabs with 'mydoor' being the placable prefab for a scene and master being the lowest level.  In our case, door_master (a variant of master), has an game object on it with a component that we wrote which is a component that requires a box collider and uses the unity trigger events.  There is an FSM on the variant.  The FSM has a state that uses the Trigger Event state action.  This action in turns adds the Playmaker Trigger Enter script to the game object to which the trigger event refers.  An ascii picture:

door_master   (this is the variant with the FSM that uses the trigger event)
   X                 (game object referenced on trigger event and has PM Trigger Enter script)

see attached screen shots

If the mydoor prefab is placed into a scene, and then the scene is changed, all of the prefab variants in this hierarchy are reimported.  Every time.  Our situation is such that we have about 15 prefabs that get reimported when you save.  I have seen situations like this before when components get added during serialization (or other bad things).

I'm mainly writing to find out what is going on in the Play Maker Trigger Enter script.  It's native so I don't know the contents or what it is doing.  I'm trying to figure out if, during serialization, it might be (inadvertantly) adding/removing components that it doesn't need do,  or deleting and readding itself or ... something

I hope that this make some sense.  Let me know if I can provide more information.

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For the correct playmaker version goto Playmaker/help/about playmaker...

i have several triggers on my prefabs on my end but did not have seen this issue.

But i am on 2018.3.14f1 and PM 1.9.0p16

It should be save for you to upgrade to this versions.

Latest 2018.3 version should only have bugfixes

Not sure if that would solve the issue, but its better anyway to get the latest version from a major version (2018.3 in this case)

If you update ALWAYS make a backup!
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thank you for the reply.  We are actually fully up to date, I just put the wrong version of PM down.  this problem turned out to be an issue in my component.  The playmaker component being involved was a red herring.  Thanks.