Author Topic: Centralized Templates & Ecosystem Actions (Link & Sync Add-on)  (Read 2343 times)


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One of the major struggles I had with PlayMaker was to have the exact same downloaded actions from the ecosystem across all my projects. Same goes with the custom action templates. I wanted to have only one source (folder) easy to maintain, that contains all the actions / templates at hand, to use in any projects. A few days ago I found an add-on that allows exactly that, so why not sharing the trick.

It is by using Link & Sync add-on from Kybernetik (the developper of Animancer). He recently updated his add-on and re-released it, making it free of charge. It function as a local github, allowing any Unity project files folder content to be synchronized / push files / pull files from one (or multiple) HDD folder.

Read more on the Unity Forum page itself, or the add-on page on the Unity Asset Store.

Practically, it's simple as:

- Set-up Link & Sync folders
- Make a new template or get a new action from the ecosystem
- Press "Push" on the Link & Sync asset in proper folder
- Close that Unity project and open another project
- In the new project, press "Pull" on the Link & Sync asset (can be automated)
- Done ;)

Hope it is useful to someone
Have a great day ;)