Author Topic: Making Screen Flash Red/Editting alpha settings on GUI/Ecosystem help[SOLVED]  (Read 318 times)


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Hello, I've been creating a game and seem to have issue generating a red screen flash effect over the screen on hit. I can globally transition the event of the player being hit to the gui element that i have (a red no material/source image stretched to fit in anchor menu). I want to be able to set the alpha for the gui element to 30, and then back to 0 after a delay, however none of the playmaker options seem to work for this task, including "set gui color" with the color set to the same color on the gui element but higher/lower alpha (does nothing) and "set gui alpha" with the alpha set to 1,0, 255, and global tag on and off (also does nothing). someone suggested that i use "u gui canvas group set alpha" but i was unable to find this with a search on ecosystem (no results, searching all). Any suggestions or explanations on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.
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 this action is part of the official set within PlayMaker. search actions for alpha, the action is named UiCanvasGroupSetAlpha