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I understand the context of this error.  An action was changed and the FSMs weren't resaved.  I do have a couple of questions about this though:

  • I literally have hundreds of scenes so finding the potential FSMs is tedious (even if I had the names - see next bullet). Is there anyway to just resave all of the FSMs.  Is there a script, or should I write one to maybe do this?  Finding FSMs that have those actions isn't trivial.
  • I noticed that the first part of the message contains things like FSM xxx: yyy: zzz:  action: action has changed....  Are the things  before the action names the names of the FSMs that need to be resaved?  That could make it easier for me to find what I need.
  • (edit)After looking at this more, I'm not even sure how to fix this problem.  I found the state that has the changed action (which was a namespace name change), but when clicking on the state, the 'state' window in the playmaker window doesn't show anything and I get a ton of errors in the log presumably because it can't draw the action correctly.  Any advice on how to fix this?

Thanks for any help/advice.
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What versions of PlayMaker and Unity are you using?

FSM xxx: yyy: zzz should give you the GameObject : FSM : State path to help you find the error.

You can also try opening PlayMaker > Editor Windows > Editor Log.
The log entries in that window should be clickable so you can go straight to the error.

Can you copy/paste the first error in the list of errors you get when selecting one of those states? The full error in the console should have more info to let us figure out what's going on...