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Quick State Templates Radial
« on: September 20, 2019, 07:49:13 AM »
often I need, for example, a boolean to be set up.

a state that's cyan with a yes and a no event. inside is a bool test.

I want to hold the shift button or something, then this state pops up in a radial. I grab it, and it creates the bool and the state, and I drop it into the fsm. would save a lot of time.  off to the sides would be two more states, one that sets the bool to true, and one that sets it to false. boom, fully set up. I just gotta change the name from "generic bool name", and it's totally ready to use.

normal templates are too big and clunky compared to this quick action. I have to hunt through a big list of templates that way, and then accidentally replace everything and get mad, etc. At that point, just re-creating this yes/no cyan bool state is quicker. over, and over. Having a little customizeable radial with just a STATE template, would be super handy and save time.