Author Topic: Implement combo and new moves?  (Read 305 times)


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Implement combo and new moves?
« on: September 22, 2019, 09:16:06 PM »
Basically I’m looking for a method to tap Button “A” 3 times to pull off a left punch, right punch, uppercut.  Then throughout the game, player earns stats or experience points to unlock new moves so the Player presses Button “A” 2 times to do default punch combo, but third time can tap “A” with maybe a direction button to execute a unlocked move.  (Can also still just tap “A” by itself like before to use standard uppercut. 

I also want the player to punch at a slower rate until enough experience points are earned and player speeds up combo.

Seems like a lot, but if you can help or have time to figure this out (as tuts I’ve watched so far haven’t touched on this) I’d appreciate it.



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Re: Implement combo and new moves?
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2019, 09:35:48 PM »
You can record the input easily, using an FSM that simply listens for buttons in sequence. For example state 1: listen to A button, go to state 2: listen to A button, etc. And a Wait action in every such state with short duration that ends the combo when no button was pressed. How you record the input is up to design. You could count an int variable for example. You could set bool variables at key states. You can send events at certain states etcetera.

Once you track the series of inputs plus the timing (how fast etc), you’ll need to figure out how to use that information. Another (or multiple) FSMs is either reading from the input FSM, e.g. combo length, and triggers the attack, or they are triggered or set from the input FSM.