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Tips on a Sundae -Android free, no ads
« on: September 28, 2022, 02:09:40 PM »
Tips on a Sundae

Free on Android no ads  ;)

Job Advertisement.
Wanted, someone who enjoys repetitive boring work, shockingly low wages and can deal with angry customers. If this is you, please apply within!

YOU! could become the Ice Cream Master!

That's right, you could finally have your dream job!...A Bus Driver! No, actually you'll just be serving customers Ice-Cream Sundaes. But its still a job! Why are you so picky? This job will keep you on your toes. The customers are always right! You know that don't you? Always keep them happy by getting their order right first time, EVERYTIME!
Can't cope with that pressure? Then QUIT now... That's right, quit before you even start. Before I fire you! OMG, I love to fire people....Just the thought of it sends shivers down my circuit boards. I'm Arnold by the way... The Boss... YOUR Boss, that you will follow in my footsteps, because you will envy me when you see my how I can move a glass around. I can literally do it with my mind man!
But you. The employee, [snigger] will have to use on screen "buttons" to move the glass under the taps to make up the orders. Oh, and use another button to add toppings blah, blah, blah. Do you actually want this job or not? Why are you still reading this? I'm so going to fire you. Come on, I dare you to apply. Let's see how long you will last. I bet you can't even do one order LOL! I am so down with the kids.
But lets just say, for some bizarre reason you apply, you get your uniform on, you arrive here on time and you start serving customers. You may* start making a few tips here and there. Maybe you'll get a few happy customers that will come back for more. And although you will never be as rich as me and definitely nowhere near as powerful, with the correct attitude and training, (do as I say and don't ask questions) it's possible that you may satisfy your role and move onto my other Ice Cream stores. But it's unlikely, judging by my other employee's efforts. They NEVER get anywhere! HAHAHA because they didn't realise, I have yet to pay a wage to anyone! Wait, ignore that last part.
Enough! Now, good day!

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