Author Topic: How to handle Google App Backup overwriting latest game save on update?  (Read 743 times)


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Hi, I have searched for this without (great) result, but I can't believe that I'm the only one affected by it:

I recently discovered that Google App Backup overwrites my game save file (Easy Save 2) with the file it has saved when I update my app. And I'm wondering how others deal with this problem?

In clearer terms: Google backs up my app data in order to be able to restore it when I reinstall an app, but it seems to also do it when I update the app (that I'm developing). This overwrites my current save file with the one that Google has saved. I'm, obviously, concerned that this will happen to players in the future.

The details:
I'm currently updating from the internal test rack. I'm using Easy Save 2 and my save file is stored in com.[companyname].[gamename]/files

I realise that this isn't a playmaker issue, but I'm hoping that others here have experienced this problem - and this is the best forum on the internet.

Related answers that I have found on the internet are to turn off Google App Backup in the manifest, but that seems a little extreme. What if a person gets a new phone? They'll lose their progress if Google doesn't have the latest save file stored.

Any help with how to approach this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: How to handle Google App Backup overwriting latest game save on update?
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2020, 04:22:18 PM »
Aren't Google Play's game saves not supported anymore anyway?