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On Asking for Help...
« on: September 12, 2012, 07:39:19 PM »
So, this community is pretty good for getting help with stuff but if you're asking for help, a couple things to take into consideration.

1. at least give it a shot first... it's better to try and learn new things on the way as opposed to being told what to do because if you just follow someone's directions all the time, you're not actually learning as much as you could if you were to try things out. Make mistakes, code yourself into a corner, start from scratch... if you can learn from the experience, it isn't a failure.

2. if you have an issue with a system, try and describe it as best you can... if you have screenshots, even better!

3. though making games with playmaker is fun and rewarding, we can't do all the coding for you... so, please understand that if what you want is a "game" that's "Cool," well, there's a saying in the biz... "there is no 'make it happen' or 'make it cool' button."

4. we're all in the same boat. what this means is that everyone here has purchased Playmaker because they likely have an idea for a game which they think will be really fun to play... that being said, everyone here has a certain limit to their know-how in how to get stuff done. yes, there are some that know more than others because this community is a varied community but sometimes you might be asking about something that is over most of our heads. when that happens, you might end up getting a thread that doesn't really go anywhere. if that's the case, revisit step 1 after a rest because sometimes a fresh set of eyes can show you things which you might have missed... and when you come back here to check on your thread, it might have some useful replies.

5. If you have a problem and post, it's generally considered good form if you've solved it to post how you solved it... reason being is that someday your thread might be showing the same exact problem that another user has stumbled across and posting a "nevermind, i solved it" can be a bit on the frustrating side... so, try your best to help those people that haven't come here to the forums yet, they will come in time.

5. have fun... (i think this one is the most important.) ;)