Author Topic: [Bug] Get Property and Call Method often reset when opening the Unity editor  (Read 857 times)


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For some reason, I have not spotted yet, I would like to report that the Get Property and the Call Method actions often reset when opening the Editor. Neither of the FSMs have not been modified recently nor have I updated the Unity editor. The Target Object of both Get Property and Call Methods are Objects exposed in the Inspector so that I can drag and drop scripts components.

I noted that it's the second time it's happening in different FSMs but unfortunately I have no 100% repro for now, despite reopening the editor and acknowledging the issue.

I'll post more infos if I can put the hand on a 100% repro but I would like to see from the community if you are or have experienced that issue before.
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What component was in it?

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Avoid doing it like that, use get component then get/set property or call method of cached component.

You can also use xml linker but it sucks.
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