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array transfer question
« on: February 18, 2021, 01:57:21 AM »
So the array transfer action has little to no explanation in the playmaker manual.
Next why is there not an enum for past to 'value' (only same value, start or end)?
Next what do the copy functions mean? i mean copy/cut are self explanatory but what is nullify?
Does that mean an int array that has a value of 76 at element 76, does element 76 revert to a value of 0 but stay at element 76?

i guess my point is i'm using arrays for traders in my game. I have tried to set out arrays for the player and trader to 'transfer' to, if i use copy, the element is still available in the trader array (meaning i'd need some sort of test to prove that array item isn't needed). If i use cut, the element is deleted from the array, thus making the paste to same value useless, because the value has moved to a different element. If i could cut to 'value' it would definitely fix the problem.

I've checked ecosystem i can't find an array transfer 2/+, if there is one let me know.
 i might also add i am using a workaround, of manually setting the the player inventory at 'value' then setting the trader inventory value to 0, so an int compare will just skip the 0's. Still messy, could be fixed with a single enum.

tested: yes nullify does what I thought, still an addition to the manual would be helpful. I realise the current generation won't read manuals and jump on discord, twitter, fakebook. I prefer to just read what was intended. Also the enum i suggested would still be helpful
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