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« on: May 31, 2011, 12:55:16 PM »
yeah, i'm starting to realize the importance of adding pseudocode snippets to the info boxes.

for example, say i need enemy#1 to find enemy#2, team up and patrol together?

have enemy find location of other enemy
if locations are not the same, move towards eachother.
if distance from eachother is 1 unit, begin patrolling
- patrolling: if not over path node, look for path node
-- if distance is greater than 1 unit, go towards next path node

that kinda thing.

so, how about a pseudocode jam-session? i mean, since the actions use-able with playmaker can easily apply to real world events and such, why not practice getting into the headspace and brainstorming pseudocode for various tasks you could use in game...?

just an idea to get people active ;)