Author Topic: Yearly license fee for Playmaker to support Hutong Games and further development  (Read 2504 times)


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As playMaker developers, we need to support Hutong games more. I have been using Playmaker for 18 months. I have published 3ios/4android games. Prior to playMaker, I was a professional web developer. I could easily code my games, but imho playMaker is an incredible asset that makes developing easier, faster and far less frustrating (no syntax errors, variable tracking, organization, visual debugging, etc, etc.) And all of this for $65... it is the most incredible deal in software development history. Some of you have been doing far more with playMaker for far longer... all for $65... this needs to change.

I would recommend:
1. Hutong games charge $65 for unlimited use of playMaker until you publisher your first app to iOS/android/steam.... then you need to pay a yearly license fee of $100. 
2. Hutong games offers a Professional Support option for $XXX+/year that gets priority support, release info, help in promoting our games, etc., etc.
3. playMaker begins to educate new Unity developers more about the potential of visual programming. There are tons of companies joining the Unity band-wagon daily - check out indeed jobs for unity developers. Almost zero ads ask for playMaker experience.  If new companies knew they could be using playMaker to speed development with all types of developers, playMaker would become more well known.
4. This will enable Hutong to better position themselves for future sale to Unity or another party if they choose not to continue. However, I would hope the additional revenue streams from the 1 & 2 above would incentivize them enough to stay.

Hutong games has created an incredible software development tool in playMaker. I absolutely love playMaker and one of my greatest fears is that I lose playMaker because development stops. I just hand coded a login system in C#/PHP... the pain is incredible compared to playMaker's beautiful actions.

As a community we need to make the development of playMaker more profitable to the developers. A yearly license fee paid by those of us who publish our games seems very fair and appropriate to ensure the continued development and existence of playMaker. Happy devs will continue to make  great software.

I am ready to send my yearly license fee... I hope you join me.

Ityion, Inc.

Lastly, I use playMaker to teach game design to high school students, some of them special education students. Not only do I find it incredible, so do my students.. Hutong made something special in playMaker and those of us who know, know it.
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I support the idea to somehow give more to PM team, but complex licensing would draw hobby devs away. It is really confusing with revenue milestones and such.
First thought comes about a Patreon page, but then there are % for each payment and I dont know what bonuses they could give out behind such paywall, it would be kind of against the current community setup with shared custom actions/tutorials etc.

I am considering to buy additional copy of Playmaker each year directly through website. Maybe that can be advertised on Startup window after importing PM - Support us here (or similar, if that is not against Unity Asset Store policy).

Volunteer support would be the best, but needs more reminder or advertising about it. Nothing stopping to buy extra copy right now as well, to keep it for yourself. If you give the extra copy out, PM potentially lose another buyer, though gets new user.

Hutong made indeed something special, it is game changer for many including myself!


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I think whatever licensing scheme works best for the devs and community is best for us all. Thank you for your response.

I hope we can hear from many others.

Just installed p4 update of PM. Another awesome update... let's support our PM dev team!


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I think a optional Professional Support would be a good idea and could be set as a monthly subscription and a possibility to for a cheaper yearly option to pay once a year.

And for example get free support for x months on purchase.

On discord we have now a system for users to verify their purchase and then have access to a official support channel.


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I support this idea if that means faster and better support.