Author Topic: Animation Clips not responding the same as original animation  (Read 1509 times)


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I am working on an app where the animation can be played, paused, and then resumed from the paused point.  When I use the original animation that is in the FBX, I can use "enable animation" with "enabled" unchecked to pause the animation, and then play animation to have it start where the animation paused.  If I create an animation clip with the FSM and then play that clip, it will pause with the same "enable animation" with "enabled" unchecked, but when I use the play animation to start the animation clip again, it starts from the first frame in the animation clip and not from the paused frame. I want to be able to break up the animation into clips and still retain the ability to pause and then begin playing again from the same frame the animation clip paused on.  Any suggestions?

Also, I cannot control the animation from within other FSM objects (SpecifyGameObject), and can only control from within the same object that has the animation (useOwner).  I also have tried to use the "send event to FSM" action but could never get it to actually register an event on the animated object to change it to a state with a "Play Animation" action.

I'm trying to get a handle on playMaker, but I just can't seem to overcome these problems and feel like maybe I'm missing/not understanding some key concepts.

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