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[SOLVED] Set FSM BOOL issue?
« on: July 29, 2021, 05:58:48 PM »
I was using an action that does not work for global variables.

Instead use the set Boolean from Math actions an so on.

"Hello there, new here at the forum.

I'm using Unity 2020.3.15f1 and PlayMaker 1.9.2f3 in combination with Game Creator 1.1.13.

I been searching the forum for an answer and can't find one.

So I have a FSM with a Set Fsm Bool action to change a global bool variable.

When my set action is run it does not change the global bool value.

I have another global bool variable that is been modify by the Get Key Down action, with the Store Result and Its working fine. I can see the value been change in the global variable window when I press the desired key. But I can't make the  Set Fsm Bool change the value when the action is run.

This is my action setup:

GameObject = Use Owner
Fsm Name = Empty
Variable Name = MenuState (I pick it up from global and then convert)
The value is shown under as false.
Set value = checkbox mark = true

Initial state of MenuState variable is false.

I have no local variables, no same name problem.

In the debug mode of the FSM where my action is it runs all states with out error. I have use break poits to debug and the actions are been reach and run. No changes on the value. I have try creating a new bool global variable with a new unused name and tried to change value with the Set Fsm Bool, and I get the same result.

Thanks for the time and support."
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