Author Topic: please help me, player character completely breaks when prefabbed or duplicated  (Read 588 times)


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many important aspects of my player character completely break when its duplicated or saved as a prefab, they break in different ways depending on whether its saved as a prefab or duplicated. physics system break, the animation system breaks, almost everything is different in a subtle way. i've duplicated the entire scene and the same issues occurs so its not a case of missing scripts or objects on the saved prefab. i don't know what to do, i'm currently using 2019.2.9

are there any other ways i can accurately duplicate the player. are there any plugins or actions that can do a better job of duplicating a player character. this is intended to be a multiplayer game so the fact i cant even duplicate the player consistently a single time is extremely upsetting to me.


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Is the player in a scene and does it have direct connections to other objects of the scene?

If so this is a issue since prefabs can not have direct connections to a scene.