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I've got my hands dirty trying Playmaker with the editor. Pretty cool, if I may say. But, as I'm attempting to learn how to control Playmaker FSM through scripts, I've been searching for script documentation, and found nothing. It'd be good to have a full-detailed documentation of the scripts used by Playmaker, so we programmers know what, when and how to manipulate Playmaker objects through scripts. Or, if it already exists, it'd be great to have it more visible (API reference in the page only shows how to write custom actions, not what some guy using his own custom scripts, like myself, would want).

Thanks in advance.

 I mean, a full API documentation would probably stretch it a bit too far, but a rough overview would be very useful indeed!


 I am more an more thinking that I should do something about it, more and more users are getting into this, and this is very good, There is not much to digest and once you have some snippets you are good for 99% of the cases.

 Keep reminding me, ok :) I might have time to squeeze a first draft  on the wiki that next month.



I can give away some of my notes, but they might be incomplete, since they come from my own understanding of the API, but I guess they're still useful. It might take some time to organize them and sharing it. Thanks for your attention.


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