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Playmaker GameCreator Integration
« on: April 14, 2022, 06:51:58 AM »
Playmaker Game Creator Bridge does indeed what its name says. It bridges Playmaker and Game Creator together. This means that you can run Game Creator actions and set its properties from Playmaker without needing to define Game Creator actions in the inspector. Most of Game Creator’s actions have been ported to Playmaker and as per Playmaker style be accessed from the Playmaker editor, you can then construct your FSMs as per usual. PMGC Bridge also contains Game Creator actions that allow to access Playmaker, you can send global events, activate/ deactivate FSM and pass variables from Game Creator (more actions will be available in future updates)

Nearly 200 Playmaker actions to access Game Creator

5 Playmaker actions to access Game Creator’s Module Transitions

Nearly 100 Game Creator actions to access Playmaker

7 examples demonstrating the new actions usage

1 example demonstrating the usage of the Module Transitions actions


Find at at: