Author Topic: Playmaker Friendly: Blockjam 2022: Gamejam + Blockchain Talks  (Read 137 times)


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Hey all!

This is my event. BlockJam is a free global virtual conference and gamejam where developers can learn and build together to usher in a game development revolution using blockchain that aligns incentives the right way for both developers and gamers.

I am committed to getting playmaker actions ready to go before the event this upcoming week.

Its focus is on bringing unity devs up to speed fast on blockchain and then learning to integrate using SDKs. Its about bringing more value, tools, and options to game development. Not recreating a cycle of free-to-play games and play to earn. (Ugh).

June 17th - Kick-off Talk
June 18 - 19 - Twenty live talks and workshops
June 20 - Fourteen-day gamejam starts on!

Learn and earn at the same time with a $50K value prize pool.

Things that will be covered:
- Fundamentals of blockchain
- Integrating blockchain into Unity
- Preventing bots
- Early access voting and rewards
- Economics of games and blockchain
- Tools to speed development
- Web3 storage (free to 95% cheaper than AWS)
- more...