Author Topic: Global Variables and other things Don't Work on iOS Builds  (Read 2198 times)


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I have had lots of issues on my latest project. It is for iOS.
I was delayed by two months trying to figure out why things that were working in editor, were not working on iOS build.

I narrowed it down to Global Variables weren't working in iOS.
Any Global variable I created, on iOS build, it was not working.

So, I've been building the project without a single global variable.

Everything was going fine, but I've done some work the past few days, and finally did an iOS build, and even though everything works great in editor, logic is not working correctly on iOS.

Something as simple as disabling a component, that works fine in editor, seems not to be working on the iOS build.

Weirdly, in editor, I could use the 'enable FSM' action to disable an FSM, but I could not re-enable the FSM from another GameObject.

My only thought, is Prefabs that get instantiated (PUN Instantiate) are not able to communicate accurately with FSMs on scene objects.


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Re: Global Variables and other things Don't Work on iOS Builds
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2022, 08:08:29 AM »
hey same problem here !
did you find a solution ??
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