Author Topic: HELP!! Issues with creating a level selection menu on a 3d globe!  (Read 1599 times)


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Hello playmakers!

I want to build a "choose your level" menu in form of a rotatable 3D globe.
The different clickable links to the gamelevels (loading points) are scattered around this globe.

the globe has to meet the following requirements:

1) It has to rotate automatically around his y-axis in a smooth way. (the same way the earth does).

2) The Globe must be able to get dragged and spinned just like a table globe.

3) When the drag n spin action is over the globe has to fall back into the automatic standart rotation mode
(see point 1)

4) To maintain the orientation, and avoid that the globe ends up upside down, the x- and z-axis has to be limited (not complete fixed, but just as far to drag the north or southpole into an almost centered view...lets say about 20 degrees).

5) If the player chooses a level, and clicks ONCE on a loading point, the camera zooms-in a little bit and the loading point gets centered to the camera.

6) If the player clicks a second time the level gets loaded.

7) If the player doesn't click the second time the camera and the globe fall into the default mode after a set up time (see point 1).

Do you have any idea to solve this 7 requirements?

I could not find a solution so far. :-(

I´d appreciate every little tipp!

Thank you for your help!

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