Author Topic: How to use PlayMaker with GameAnalytics?  (Read 5062 times)


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How to use PlayMaker with GameAnalytics?
« on: February 29, 2024, 04:46:19 AM »
I'm a beginner user of PlayMaker and I'm interested in using GameAnalytics to track and improve my game performance. I've read the blog post here and the Unity blog post here about the new integration between PlayMaker and GameAnalytics, but I'm still confused about how to set it up and use it in my project. Can anyone help me with some step-by-step instructions or point me to some tutorials or examples?

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Re: How to use PlayMaker with GameAnalytics?
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2024, 05:49:16 AM »
There are two parts in your integration of GameAnalytics.

Once you've imported the asset into your project, you must first set it up as if you were like any Unity dev.

In the Windows menu (right before the last drop down menu on the topbar), you'll find "GameAnalytics >" then "Select Settings". There's a second option called "Setup Guide" which is self explanatory.

Don't bother with the advanced options yet (custom values, etc.).

Once it's done you will find in the same GA menu a final option at the bottom of the list to "toggle" Playmaker. It will allow you to use the PM actions that will then be available in the Action Browser under "GameAnalytics".

Note that with the data protection rules, you must first get your users' consent before initializing the GameAnalytics SDK (action "GA initialize").
Apple and Google only want you to display a Consent window at the start of your app. What you do with the consent after that is up to you and how you feel about the legal aspect of your activity.


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Re: How to use PlayMaker with GameAnalytics?
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2024, 02:42:54 AM »
To integrate GameAnalytics with PlayMaker in your Unity project, start by installing both assets from the Unity Asset Store and obtaining your Game Key and Secret Key from the GameAnalytics website. Import the PlayMaker custom actions for GameAnalytics and use these actions within your PlayMaker FSMs to track important game events like level completions or DGCustomerFirst player interactions. Ensure that you configure the GameAnalytics Settings in Unity with your keys and test your game to verify that events are being sent and received correctly. Refer to official documentation and community resources for more detailed instructions and examples on setting up and using GameAnalytics with PlayMaker effectively.
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