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MazeBall FT Lite
« on: December 16, 2012, 03:36:12 AM »
I want to invite you all to play FallenTouch Studios first iOS game made with playmaker.

Its FREE, and easy to play.

Right now the game is only supported by iphone 4, 4s and 5

The game is called "MazeBall FT Lite"

What MazeBall FT Lite is:

A fun game that will change the way you think about the maze.

MazeBall FT Lite is your classic table top marble game with a new twist. The old table top game was a just a point A to point B maze. While our game takes that classic maze style and adds in a few new challenges like portals, moving walls, lasers, ping pong walls and more.

Play MazeBall FT Lite and test your ability to collect all the points while trying to beat the clock before it beats you.

Currently we are working on version 1.1 which will include 3D levels and smaller files sizes, giving the player a more enjoyable experience.

Thanks so much for trying out our game.