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Thank you Jean.

note: don't include playmaker folder, especially the playmaker dll file, this is not allowed.
Ah ok.

Also, I think that a lot of unwanted behavior is happening. if mouselook is disable, the camera still behaves under mouse control ( in an odd way as well), is that by design or some left overs trials?
That would be left over trials.

-- the key is to rotate the camera using increments.

Not quite. I get the basics of what you are saying.
I imagine you mean for me to throw away the MouseLookAt.

Then drive rotation directly from mouseX. Then subtracting the result when returning to the slider's default position.


Hi Jean,

I have modified the mouseLookAt2 script further.
It took me a little while to understand what was staring me right in the face.

It is true that I could only expose to the Action the of two variables "rotationX" and "rotationY".
Allowing me see what numbers where being produced at runtime there was no way to extract them directly.

I just needed to create two FsmFloats within MouseLook2 "currentXRotation" and "currentYRotation"which gave me the ability to update "rotationX" and "rotationY" from another state. With the actual update occurring OnEnter before the "DoMouseLook ()" within MouseLook2.

It was right there all along.

Thank you yet again for your help Jean.
If only I could see with my eyes open.


 Very good!




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