Author Topic: Bridging Playmaker and Adventure Creator  (Read 6366 times)


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Bridging Playmaker and Adventure Creator
« on: November 19, 2014, 10:09:00 AM »
FYI: calling AC actions from PM is really quite easy.  Here's a way to invoke either an Interaction list of actions or a Cutscene list of actions.  Just set up a PM FSM with a Send Message action, specify the game object as either a specific cutscene or a specific interaction, leave Delivery to Send Message, Options to Dont Require Receiver, Method Name to Interact (from drop down menu) and Parameter to none.

To call PM from AC, use the Third Party: Playmaker action provided in AC.  To call PM from an AC menu item is a little more tricky.  AC Menu Buttons can have their "click type" set to "Run ActionList", but the ActionList referred to here is actually an ActionList asset.  This is a special type of ActionList that lives in a prefab, and not in your scene - so that it can be accessed by the menu system no matter what scene you're in.

So, rather than use an Interaction object to call your PM FSM, you'll have to use an asset instead.  This tutorial ( goes over the concept of calling a scene-based object (the FSM) from an asset.  But instead of that tutorial's Camera: Switch Action, just use the Third-party: PlayMaker Action.  Just be sure to add a ConstantID script to your FSM (as the tutorial explains).