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Space Invazion
« on: April 27, 2013, 01:56:53 AM »
I hadn't really thought to push this game on the forums, as it is my first attempt at a marketable Android game aimed at multiple devices. Released a few weeks ago, here is Space Invazion, a take on the old classic with just a couple of twists in the graphics department but leaving the traditional gameplay pretty much as it was.

As an old time retro fan I'm always a little dismayed at certain remakes as they tend to overload the idea with millions of polygons and effects. After buying my KindleFireHD I noticed a lack of well rated traditional Invader games on the Kindle Store.

With this in mind I set about making an Invaders game that was not completely 3D, but with just a hint of it. The effect is similar to a display being projected onto a curved plane, a half-cylinder if you like. Wobbly scan-line effects were then added to give it a slight vintage look.
Overall I was pleased with the effect, especially the arc-like movement of the players ship around the mountain range. Created with PlayMaker, albeit with some amount of UnityScript, I find PM invaluable to keep my project flowing and in some semblance of order!
Would appreciate any comments from those who may get the game.

Android:Google Play ver: (plays on almost every device)

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